Hampshire Long Range matches - Summer 2019

Hampshire will be hosting a Benchrest match alongside the County Championships Double Dewar match on Sunday 28th Jul at Andover Range.

The benchrest competition is for individuals based on 40 shots at 50 metres

The prone competition is for individuals based on 40 shots at both 50 metres and 100 yards with pairs and team competitions being shot concurrently. Ideal practice before you venture off to Bisley in August

On-line booking is now open here - entries close 14th July or when details are full

Double Dewar trophies

News Date: 07-Apr-2019

HSBRPA Summer league entries

Hampshire will be organising various leagues during the summer 2019 season.

For details and entry pack information see documents available in downloads

News Date: 07-Mar-2019
Affiliation / Competition Entries - Winter 2018/19 season

Hampshire Association will be organising competitions in the following disciples for the forthcoming winter season:

  • Air - Rifle and Pistol
  • Benchrest
  • Free Rifle
  • Lightweight Sporting Rifle
  • Smallbore Rifle
  • If you would like to participate in our leagues then our affiliation window is now open, it closes on 7th Sept.

    Full details and application forms for Club for Individuals is available to download via: this link

    News Date: 18-Aug-2018
    HSBRPA Members Area Access - June 2018

    Note: From June 2018 the existing member area logons have been removed

    Members of HSBRPA Affiliated clubs will need to re-register and create a new logon/password.

    This is the ensure we comply with the GDPR requirement to obtain specific approval for your information to be held.

    Please contact your Club Secretary to obtain the new registration code.

    News Date: 02-Jun-2018
    Mary Maiden on-line obituary

    The NSRA have published an on-line obituary for Mary Maiden - available to view via this link

    It is anticipated that a written version will be appearing in the Summer edition of the Rifleman however it will be a shortened version due to space limitations in the new Rifleman magazine format.

    News Date: 03-May-2015
    Mary Maiden
    Passed away 15th Jan 2014

    It is my sad duty to report to the Hampshire Association membership that Mary Maiden passed away early Thursday 15th Jan.

    Mary had become quite frail before Christmas which required a hospital stay but managed to return home for a few days before being admitted to a nursing home last Friday.


    Following on from her mother and father and in conjunction with her husband Don, Mary completed over 175 post years for the Association as Secretary, Statistical Officer, League Secretary, Captain for both the County XX and Juniors


    Comments received:

    Very sad news for all who knew her - and Hampshire of course


    My late father, myself and my son have known Mary for a long time and we all appreciate the tremendous amount that she did for smallbore shooting in Hampshire and the Islands.


    She was with Don an inspiration to all of us. I remember in the days of the County XX fearing that dreaded notation " x denotes exit from team" and giving of little quarter when league cards were not on time! She will be fondly remembered and missed by us all.


    What an incredible service the entire family did for the Hampshire & The Isle of Wight Shooting fraternity over so many years. What a huge debt of gratitude we owe them all.

    This is a very sad loss to the all who knew the Maiden family.


    She did so much for shooting and with Don a good pair.


    For the whole of my shooting career she was THE ORGANISER, the 'go to' person for any queries and her telephone number is still in my brain without having to look it up. What a contribution she made to shooting, and not just Hampshire.


    She, and her family have been great servants to shooting and I doubt that we will see their like again.


    Both Mary and Don were part of the shooting scene from our very first days in the sport, and few people can have done more for the sport than they did; we attended many Opens at Headley Park run largely by Mary and her mother, and Don was probably the best coach of his day on a personal level.


    Don and Mary both did so much for our club. I certainly benefited from Mary's coaching and encouragement, as I'm sure have lots of people in this group. She will be sorely missed.


    Her effect has been indirectly felt through the enthusiasm she imparted on me during my time at Southampton which I took with me to London. Without Mary I wouldn't still be shooting.


    I have shed many a tear over the passing of some of our great shooting friends in the past. Malcolm Cooper, Dave Nevatte, Barry Hall, Don Maiden and now sadly Mary Maiden. Familiar names to many that are in the shooting community, an era has passed. Such people have came and are now gone, but they have left such a legacy that their memory will live on forever.

    News Date: 15-Jan-2015